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Spam Filtering and Trusted Senders

SmarterMail includes a variety of antispam measures that will help keep a user's inbox free of unwanted mail. In the Spam Filtering section, users can review/configure the spam filtering options and trusted senders for their account. To access the spam filtering configuration, log into SmarterMail and use the Menu iconto navigate to the Settings section. Then click on Spam Filtering in the navigation pane.

In most cases, a System or Domain Administrator has already configured the filtering options for spam messages on your domain. However, if they allow it, you can override those settings to select your own options for filtering out potentially unwanted email.


  • Override spam settings for this account - Toggle the slider to the right to customize the way spam is handled and to override the settings created by the Domain Administrator. If this option is disabled, the domain's default spam filtering policy will be displayed and cannot be edited.

When you override the spam options set by your Administrator, you can choose the actions that are taken when email comes in that has a low, medium, or high probability of being spam. For each spam level, choose the action you wish to have taken. If you choose to add text to the subject line of messages, type the text in the box below the action drop down.

Trusted Senders

Users can add specific email addresses (such as or domains (such as that will be exempted from spam filtering. This can prevent mail from friends, business associates and mailing lists from being blocked and lets the system know that these messages come from a trusted source. Note: Email addresses in your contacts are always considered trusted senders. In addition, the email address for messages that you unmark as spam are automatically included on your trusted senders list.

When adding trusted senders, enter only one email address or domain per line break.

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